Whether you’re a professional arborist or a homeowner with occasional tree-cutting tasks, keeping your petrol chainsaw in peak condition is crucial for optimal performance and safety. Regular servicing is not just a maintenance chore; it’s an investment in the longevity and efficiency of your valuable tool.

Optimal Performance: Regular servicing ensures your chainsaw operates at its best. Sharp chains, efficient lubrication, and a well-maintained engine contribute to consistent and effective cutting performance.

Longevity: Investing time in routine maintenance pays off in the long run. Preventing wear and tear on critical components extends the lifespan of your chainsaw, saving you from premature replacement costs.

Safety First: A well-maintained chainsaw is a safer one. Regular checks on safety features, controls, and overall functionality reduce the risk of accidents, promoting a secure user experience.

Fuel Efficiency Matters: Properly serviced chainsaws are more fuel-efficient. Routine adjustments to the carburettor and fuel system components contribute to optimal fuel consumption, saving you money and reducing environmental impact.

Reliability in Action: Chainsaw reliability is paramount, especially during demanding tasks. Regular servicing minimizes the chances of unexpected breakdowns, ensuring your tool is always ready for action.

Emission Control: A well-maintained engine produces fewer emissions, aligning with environmental standards and reducing your ecological footprint.

Cost Savings: Addressing minor issues during routine servicing prevents more significant and costly repairs down the road. It’s a proactive approach that can save you money in the long term.

Warranty Protection: Following the manufacturer’s recommended service intervals maintains the warranty on your chainsaw. This adherence ensures you’re covered in case of unexpected issues.

Enhanced User Experience: A well-maintained chainsaw provides a smoother and more enjoyable user experience. Starting easily, running smoothly, and performing tasks efficiently contribute to user satisfaction.

Preserving Resale Value: Should you ever decide to part ways with your chainsaw, a documented history of regular servicing enhances its resale value. Prospective buyers appreciate a well-maintained and reliable tool.

In conclusion, regular servicing is not just about ticking off maintenance tasks; it’s about ensuring your petrol chainsaw remains a reliable companion for years to come. By investing time in its care, you’re not only optimizing performance but also contributing to safety, efficiency, and the overall longevity of your valuable tool.

At Hunts Engineering our usual Petrol Chainsaw Service will include:

  • Assess chain condition
  • Check chain brake function
  • Clean or change spark plugs depending on the condition
  • Clean or renew fuel filter as necessary
  • Check fuel pump function
  • Clean or replace the air filter as required
  • Test run the machine and check the operation of both the machine and safety system

Note: Sharpening of blades is offered at an additional cost.

To keep your chainsaw in prime condition, call Hunts Engineering at 01608 638407 for expert service. We cover a wide area, including the North Cotswolds and neighbouring counties of Warwickshire, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, and Oxfordshire and are very familiar with market leaders such as Kubota, Suzuki, Cub Cadet, Husqvarna, Stihl, Mountfield, Weibang and Atco